Woah XX-Cel strikes again bigtime!

Sorry for my untamed enthusiasm about XX-Cel lately, but this guy just keep getting better and better with his massive tits website! How about EDEN MOR coming to his site soon in oodles and oodles of fantastic big tit updates?! This is one of the best surprises Cel has for us in 2008 I think, so better get off that big tit loving butt and prepare for the impact of this huge tits sweetheart in Cel’s site! He is the guy who originally got her into modelling, just so you know ;).

Her massive tits look good on her frame, she might have lost a bit of weight since her early modelling days! The complete Eden More package looks as awesome as ever, and her massive nipples still make me nuts! Instead of talking you ears off today, I’ll stick up a sample from the master himself to get you in the mood for his site over there at XX-Cel!·

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Anya Zenkova and her big natural talents

After showering you guys in posts about fake tit stars, it’s time for something more natural again. In this case it’s my delight to blog about the new big tit pictorial of Anya aka Merilyn. I know I just blogged his new galleries a few days ago, but this set deserves our special attention guys and girls! This new image set at the site of our good friend XXCel really is awesome, also because of the excellent photography that guy brings us all the time.

He is masterfully making delicious huge tits pics for the true fans there. Nothing beats professional fans of large boobies. To top of things (and I know it is a crappy pun) here’s a sample thumb of Anya’s newest at XX-Cel. These updates are rocking!


XX-Cel licking the puppies of Jasmine Black again

XX-Cel, my personal huge tit loving buddy, got another fucking awesome update down in his production pipeline this time around! I’m writing about his new movie with a great dance sequence of none other than crazy pornstar babe Jasmine Black! Her sexy semen-longing eyes and her juicy ass and big fucking tits make her a very attractive tit model and hardcore starlet! One of the best girls which Eastern Europe has brought us this year!

Thus, big tits picture taking king XX-Cel, as a fore fighter of the right of huge tit babes (to bare their assets!), has succeeded once again in freeing a massive pair of tits from their hardcore boundaries and brings us Jasmine in her most natural circumstances just being a fabulous big titted girl from the dark and seedy realms of beautiful Romania! This lady can seriously give me a crush on Romanian babes! In other words, if you haven’t tried XX-Cel yet, then you should seriously consider it.

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Maria Moore’s best tit sucking ever on XX-Cel

The French mastermind of huge tits enthusiasm got another brand new spankable update added into his stable of luscious huge natural boob queens! I’m talking about my friend XX-Cel having a gorgeous Maria Moore self sucking updates up for the loyal fanbase of big beautiful boob models! XX-Cel manages to amaze me time after time with his big boob obsession. And I am pretty much boob obsessed myself, as you may have noticed in the course of this blog site! The angles and camera work on this Maria Moore close-up are sooo cute and cuddly showing off just how bombastic her fleshy heavy tits are!

Any self respecting bbw natural monster juggs lover should see this one update immediately, since the words in the English language simply have a shortcoming to describe the bountiful merit of these aesthetically pleasing giant tits cinematographic masterpiece! If one guy got a way with tits, then it’s Cel! So good, if you don’t try his site, you will kick yourself in the head for missing out on his great body of work and his great work of bodies (^_^). That guy makes me drool every single time with his giant juggs updates . Maybe I DO have abundant bodily fluids, who knows. Maria Moore kicks serious ass!

maria moore xx-cel·