Brandy Robbins as Brunette and her huge tits

The big tit vintage pinuplovers at Pinupfiles and Pinupglam are bringing us fantastic new pictorials and movies of the ever-so-lovely Brandy Robbins and her big round tits. If anyone is a beauty queen candidate except the sexy hottie Denise Milani, then it must be this amazing woman. I could ogle at her huge round ones for hours and hours. The High Definition movies of Brandy at the pinup sites really stand out of the crowd once again. So it’s time we clap our hand for the Pinupfiles guys and give credit where due.

How about signing up and seeing the HD movies and ultra high res pics in the sites? Seems like the idea of the day to me! Be sure you have some drool and a full nutsack left before you join these Pinupfiles and Pinupglam sites. They are highly addicitve for jerking off to excellent huge boob material.

Note: Very small samples!

Big boobs model Tessa Fowler and her huge knockers

Sensual booby babe Tessa Fowler knows how to please huge tits fans around the globe with her fantastic round tits! Tessa is totally pleasing and I get a raging hard on every time I lock at her! In this recent set with glasses she looks especially steamy and nerdy! I’m in love with the qulaity of her images and videos at Well worth every penny my tit loving friends!

Huge boobs British babe Rachel Aldana is back for more

Rachel Aldana is making another glorious huge boobs update available at the famous Pinupfiles website. And let me say that his update is one of the hottest things I have seen so far in 2008. The good huge tit fans at Pinupfiles simply got the right finishing touch when it comes to filming massively endowed bikini babes! And as such Rachel fits in perfectly between the living legends such as Jana Defi, Denise Milani and Anya Zenkova, whom are all prominently featured in the Pinupfiles site as well.

Since these guys love tits as much as we do here on the huge tit blogs, it’s time to pay some tribute and join up for their fine tasty tit website as soon as you are done watching our downsized sample collage. You won’t regret it for the sake of Rachel’s massive natural boobs!
I’m also in love with her fabulous butt and her cute and feminine face!

rachel aldana 1 april 08·

Huge implant stunner Dolly Fox now on Pinupfiles!

Hi dear fellow huge tits and boobs lovers. Today is a glorious day as my favorite big boobs model Dolly Fox is now also present at the Pinupfiles website with her great new pumped up boobies! A joy to see her posing there. Needless to say this is the best time to join Pinupfiles!! The pic speaks a thousand words!

Denise Milani makes us sweat with her sexy body

Wow, just look at those new shots at Denise Milani’s official site, guys and girls!
This babe just got a body which can make a goddess jealous!

Perfect ass and perfect tits make Denise one of the hottest women alive these days.
Definitely worth it, not just if you like huge tits :)

Her full package is a sexy bundle of erotic energy, compressed into the form of the ultimate human being here in the real world. Wow, just wow!


(samples downsized)

Karla James is the newest gem of the Pinupfiles!

Admirers of busty brunettes can indulge at the Pinupfiles website these days! They got none other than Karla James on board for some hot photo shoots! This woman has mesmerizing tits and a face to cum for! One of their best newcomers for 2013! Check out the sample and you’ll see what I’m raving about! Dos it get any hotter with big tit brunettes? I love how hot she looks in those hot-pants and that tiny top!


Brandy Robbins and Anya Zenkova rock at Pinpufiles and pinupglam

Ah yes..finally some long awaited pinupfiles updates of my favorites Anya Zenkova and the uber-hot Brandy Robbins.
I you dont like these two, then you are not a tit lover LOL!

Check out these babes. Big round tits on sexy naturally stunning bodies. Making big tit lovers horny like never before!
Dude, if you join one update this week, make sure it is this one. My dick is still hard from these mega hot ladies.

And guess what you’re getting lucky, I was allowed 2 downsized sample pictures!

anya zenkova pinupfiles

brandy robbins pinup glam

Julie Anderson got nice looks and even nicer 32J cup boobs

Pinupfiles is bringing us great fresh big busty models time after time. This gorgeous ebony babe is no exception to that rule of thumb! Julie and her 32J cupsize breasts are nothing short of -tits-spectacular! You should definitely try out the fine Pinupfiles website and their great load of high res images and HD movies! Value for money!


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If you need a good reason to join the Pinupfiles we go!

Holy Moly! The rate at which updates are flowing right now at the Pinupfiles websites are frigging amazing my friends! Totally heaven for huge tit fanatics like you and me! Needless to say all their stuff is legit high quality up to today’s standard in the web! I love all the great juggy models they got on board there! Lately also seen more fake tits there , always a great bonus (at least in my case) !