Woah XX-Cel strikes again bigtime!

Sorry for my untamed enthusiasm about XX-Cel lately, but this guy just keep getting better and better with his massive tits website! How about EDEN MOR coming to his site soon in oodles and oodles of fantastic big tit updates?! This is one of the best surprises Cel has for us in 2008 I think, so better get off that big tit loving butt and prepare for the impact of this huge tits sweetheart in Cel’s site! He is the guy who originally got her into modelling, just so you know ;).

Her massive tits look good on her frame, she might have lost a bit of weight since her early modelling days! The complete Eden More package looks as awesome as ever, and her massive nipples still make me nuts! Instead of talking you ears off today, I’ll stick up a sample from the master himself to get you in the mood for his site over there at XX-Cel!·

eden mor xx-cel huge tits super star·

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