XX-Cel gets the best for the boob men

Uncle XX-Cel from France is getting update after update of the best big tit meat onto his silver plate for the tit lovers to feast on! I’m talking about the BBW superstar WonderTracy as well as some exclusive lactation footage of mega star June Kelly and her gargantuan British milk bags! I have no idea how XX-Cel gets these babes into one big orgy of big tits excitement, but I am certainly very grateful for the amazing amount of wanking material that the master himself is preparing for the boob hounds on a daily basis!

XX-Cel, you are truly a god amongst men (pretty clear ever since you licked Anya Sakova’s tits!). The stuff at XX-Cel is so good and nicely photographed that it sometimes makes me wonder if some of the others tit people out there are shooting their pics with toy cameras. Well worth our hard earned currency units from around the globe! So, once more here on the huge tits blogs, XX-Cel earns himself a medal of honour for having one helluva different site than the bunch of tit sites out here on the net. Merci Bocoup, uncle Cel!

wondertracy bbw xxcel·

Maxi Mounds and her giant tits in red

Sexy giant tits model Maxi Mounds got some fresh and sexy updates done on her official website at MaxiMounds.com. Those gigantic string implant breasts are a fantastic sight for fake boob admirers! I love the veins and how those massive juggs stretch her tube top into infinity! Stuff like this makes you feel sorry for the clothes the models wear LOL!

Any fake tit fans should have tried Maxi’s site at least once just to see if her acquired tastes can cater to your wanking needs. I certainly enjoy her stuff a lot, since it’s all made with personal care by the woman herself! Old school website but very nice content for the true implant lovers right there! Rock on, Maxi Mounds!

maxi mounds red tubetop

Kelly Madison gets all the hot chicks

Big boob swinger superstar Kelly Madison is really getting all the best hot tit chicks into her sites! Admirable how she got a passion for involving only the hottest tit models of our time! I really like Kelly’s recent updates with Holly Halston and Brandy Taylor!

Kelly knows what’s hot in big tits land! And so we can enjoy some fresh gorgeous material with these tit celebrities in her sites at KellyMadison.com and hardcore at Pornfidelity! Kelly Madison and her dude Ryan really kick ass when it comes to this swinger stuff in hardcore reality porn! And you gotta admit one thing, they do get all the hot chicks. Life is unfair 🙂

brandy talore·

kelly madison holly halston·

Impressive updates at Rachel Aldana’s site

Massive breasted beauty Rachel Aldana and her colossal juggs are heating up things for the cold season over at RachelAldana.com. So you wanted some good reasons to join her official website? How about her latest pink dress pictorials and High Definition movies which will literally blow you away into huge tit heaven!

Rachel is a real crowd pleaser in the huge tit community, and at her site we also see some home-made clips from her very own webcam! If you have a thing for normal girls with giant boobs, this is the site of the year for you! Needless to say Rachel is totally cute, even without the gigantic hooters! These magnificent sweater puppies need our undivided masturbating attention right now! So go for it and check out her fine site!

rachel aldana hot pink dress·

Lexxxi Luxe and her massive juggs in fresh pics at XX-Cel

Lexxxi Luxxxe (aka Anorei) and her gigantic tits are better than ever before, now in a fresh pictorial at the Xx-Cel website for all of us to join and see. This girl is really one of the most personable and charming big tit models of the last decade. Just look at her huge butt and those gigantic whoppers! Simply one of the most mouthwatering women in the world, isn’t she? What you see is what you get with this great girl and her humongous juggs. If you love big huge boobs, XX-Cel really got a site that can’t go wrong for you! That guy is a big tit genius!

lexxxi luxxxe xxcel

Oops, Carmella Bing did it again

…this time at Pornfidelity with Kelly and Ryan

Ok, I am not posting big tit blogs to make fun of Britney…
So forgive me the title of this big boobed post once again.

Carmella Bing, who already made many boobmen go BING BING BING was visiting the internet’s most wanted Swinger couple, the inimitable Kelly Madison and her hubby Ryan at Pornfidelity.

And what
can I say? This girl really got some serious sex skills :)
These blowjobs made me dream away to uberstacked Anna and her mad skills in the Amsterdam RLD, if you catch my drift.

Carmella..hmmm…does she taste like sweet sweet caramel candy?
I think Kelly Madison and Ryan can answer that question now ;)

Here’s your obligatory downsized sample, and try their site for tits’ sake.

kekky madison and carmellabing at pornfidelity

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Wet huge tits of Chloe Vevrier

German big boobs goddess Chloe Vevrier is spoiling the big tits lovers this month! Her newest pictorial about her huge wet tits in see-through clothing is simply amazing. I love how her dark nipples peek through her pink outfit getting all wet and juicy! Chloe is one of the models who never disappoint with her erotic and sensual updates. If you love her magical eroticism and her massive tits, then you really shouldn’t be sitting there, but grab your dick, join her site and get ready for the jerk off feast of a lifetime! Chloe simply is one of the hottest big tits models we know today.

chloe vevrier wet tits

Big tit British babe Ashley showing off the good way

Ashley from Dreamofashley got the cutest British accent since Faith came onto the scene. Her big ‘mussive’ boobs are definitely a sexy sight for the fans of huge natural tits on the girl next door. Such sexy boobies in lingerie are not something I can easily ignore as a fan of huge tit models. While Ashley is not one of my favourites, she certainly got humongous lush tits for all the admirers of natural breasted babes. Ashley is a cute babe and her face has a certain normal look, just like silicone ultra big tit model Keisha Evans, both have the face next door, and that is a fact which makes them more sexy than the streamlined-by-natured uberbabes such as Denise Milani for many of the huge tit fans.


So all I can say is to each their own and whatever floats your boat. We at the big tit blogs are here for all of you tit fans and we won’t exclude the cuties because someone doesn’t like them. We are here to serve the huge tits aficionados on the entire spectrum of the big boob scene. However, whoever doesn’t like big tits has definitely pulled open the wrong website here 😉 Have a fun day and try Dreamofashley for a sexy spin on the glamorous side of huge British titties.


Eden Mor and her giant hooters in white

The sensual boob babe Eden Mor is having some sexy updates going on to float our collective boats. This Israel based super tit model is posing for you in pone of her super tight big white tops like only huge tits babes can! I love her overall hotness and bigness a lot! It’s simply more to adore (hey that rhymes!)

All in all, Eden Mor keep doing great stuff on her site, as proven by the recent lesbian pictorial with Laura Orsolya! Gardenofeden really is a wonderful masterpiece in the history of huge tits admiration. I love how classy this girl is in all the stuff she does in the big tits scene.

eden mor in white·